Admission to the school is open to all the irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. Admissions are done on the basis or interaction with the parents. For admission to nursery classes, a child should not be less than 3 ½ years of age on 31st March of the year of admission. Admission to other classes is granted depending on the availability of seats and the result of the admission test. Parents have to produce birth certificate issued by authorities at the time of admission to the nursery or K.G. Classes & a Transfer Certificate with copy of progress report from the previous school in case of admission to other classes. The principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without giving any reason. The Academic Year starts from April and ends in March of the ensuing year, with vacations in May-June and December. The exact dates of reopening and closing of PPS, including other holidays, are mentioned in the School Calendar published in advance and given to each parent.

Examinations and Evaluation

The school has an effective evaluation system of assess the overall performance of the children in the sphere of academics and extracurricular activities. The entire year is divided into two semesters. The unit tests and class tests are held regularly and promotion is grated on the basis of overall performance of the child throughout the year. the salient features of PPS are to provides necessary feedback about the acquired levels of learning in scholastic areas. lays stress on aptitude of learners in the attainment of essential life skills, attitudes and values, interests and achievements in all the co-curricular areas reduces the stress on the students and paves way for holistic development of the student with the help of formative and summative assessments Formative assessments are on-going assessments, reviews, and observations in a classroom. These are used as tools by the teachers to continuously monitor the progress of students in a conducive environment. Summative assessments are typically used to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs and services at the end of an academic year or at a pre-determined time. The goal of summative assessments is to make a judgment of student competency after an instructional phase is complete.

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