Pricipal Message

Dear Parents and Children, Hari Om! Our almighty lord has given the theme for the year as "Craft Your Character". The appropriateness of this theme is quite evident, given the condition of the society today. The wretched situation in the country today is only because of lack of virtues among people. Imparting character education has always been an imperative objective of our education system. We have constantly striven to teach good values and good citizenship in our class rooms. Schools cannot however, assume this responsibility alone; families, neighbourhoods, and the communities must share this task together. We must understand the need and respond to the call to build character in our children. Character education is about developing virtues and good habits, which lead students to responsible and mature adulthood. It is not a single-lesson course, or a quick-fix program, or a slogan posted on the wall; it is an integral part of school life and family life. Character education is not merely a trend; it is a fundamental dimension of a good society. We need to re-engage the hearts, minds, and hands of our children in forming their own characters, helping them "to know the good, love the good, and do the good." That when achieved, we will truly be a nation of character. Our lord, in his inimitable simplicity, cautions us: 'Character is like ball rolling from the top most step of a staircase. When the ball starts rolling down, you can stop it since the momentum is low; but as it gains momentum, the fall is rapid and difficult to arrest." Hence, we need to consciously teach children the expected behavior, give reminders before things go wrong and get them back to track when they do go wrong. s far as the other infrastructural facilities of the school is concerned, the school is equipped with a rich and well-resourced library, state-of-art Computer Lab, Science Labs, Language Lab, Mathematics Lab along with the EVS Lab, providing the right ambience for the development of research-oriented minds of our students. Hand-in-hand with academics is sports - another defining factor in the curriculum of PPS Faridabad. Students attend indoor training sessions in Yoga, Chess, Carrom and Table-tennis. The outdoor sports facilities include a well-turfed Athletic Track, a Basketball Court, a Lawn Tennis Court and a Volleyball Court. A well-designed skating rink is also offered for the students. The school has an array of co-curricular activities to hone the latent talents in the students; Activities give ample opportunities to students to carve out into budding personalities with varying aptitudes. The activity calendar is abuzz with activities from the spheres of Sports, General Awareness, Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Literature, Environment, Health & Hygiene ,Histrionics to name a few. Winding-up, I, on behalf of the institution, would like to recommit myself to the betterment and growth of the student community. We would all like to see them soar to new heights and taste success in all their endeavors. We, at PPS Faridabad, are of the conviction that Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. A few words to our most valuable parents..I highly encourage you to take an active participation in the education of your child by keenly monitoring his academic growth, at the same time spending quality time with them. This will immensely have a positive effect on the healthy growth of your child. Once again, a hearty welcome you all with open arms and hearts - We truly appreciate your comments and feedbacks of the website; We shall be more than glad to better our outputs with your kind co-operation and help.
Best wishes,
Om Prakash Yadav

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We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestones, but also a means to make lives better.

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Announcements for admission to Prakash Public School are made through the school website and an advertisement in a leading daily newspaper.

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Our values are at the heart of our teaching practices and define the standards of ethical conduct we foster in our children.

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